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CadSeal Repatriation Foil

CadSeal seals the deceased in a special metal containment film. CadSeal provides several benefits to those dealing with the deceased, from funeral directors, mortuary staff and those involved in mass fatality incidents.

GMS CadSeal Service
GMS CadSeal Service

Hygiene Sealing

Used during the Ebola crisis, CadSeal is a proven body containment product that creates an airtight seal around infected bodies and reduces the risk to staff.

CadSeal repatriation foil can be cremated, therefore an infected deceased can be placed into a coffin and a funeral conducted without any risk to funeral staff or the public during the ceremony.

CadSeal also stops odours escaping which is ideal for decomposed bodies. This assists in emergency situations where there is no refrigeration available.


Historically, the deceased were repatriated in zinc-lined coffins which are expensive and due to their weight, incur high freight costs. CadSeal repatriation foil only weighs 840g and is at least 18kg lighter. The CadSeal method of repatriating bodies is fully approved and detailed in the IATA Airport Handling Manual, AHM 333 (January 2011).

Note: Most countries accept CadSeal metal film as an alternative to zinc lined coffins.

Ease of Use

The deceased is placed inside the CadSeal foil envelope and the heat sealer is simply used to form a seal around the deceased.

CadSeal repatriation foil is:

  • Airtight and watertight

  • Tearproof and flexible

  • Easy to X-ray

  • Simple to seal

  • Quick to open

  • Environmentally friendly

We use only the highest quality products from the most respected manufacturers. Contact us now. 

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